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(click on each class below to learn more)  FREE, unless it’s a make/take class.  1HR Classes in our cozy warm greenhouse.

May 20 2015, Wednesday 6:00pm: Garden Design with Birds in Mind

Join avid birder, Steven Hofhine this Wednesday and learn how to plant with birds in mind. He will cover the basic needs for attracting birds. Steve will take you on a walking tour to see the plants that benefit local & migratory birds as well as make your yard shine! RSVP to 853-4000 to save your spot.

May 23 2015, Saturday 11:30am- 2pm: Boise Bonsai Society Demo Day

Come in and see the local Bonsai experts as they work on their own Bonsai creations. Perfect time to ask questions and see the options for creating your own unique piece of plant art! RSVP to 853-4000 to save your spot.

June 11th 2015, Thursday 6-9:00pm: 9th Annual Evening in the Garden

Our 9th annual fundraiser for Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity. Join us for a fabulous Evening in the Garden! There will be live music, food & wine. Bid on a wide variety of silent & live auctions items! We love that all proceeds benefit local Treasure Valley residents, thru Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity. Tickets available now at FarWest $25

Mid June 2015, date to be determined: Succulent Wreath Class

Create your own sun loving succulent wreath in this hands on class. Perfect for a sunny fence or use as a centerpiece on your patio table. We plan to do on a saturday morning in mid June, we will keep you posted on a date! RSVP to 853-4000 to save your seat.

April 4 2015, Saturday 10am: Living Easter Basket 

Come plant your own adorable living Easter Basket with FarWest’s Rhonda. Basket, soil, plants and ribbon included in for the $25 fee. RSVP to 853-4000 to save your seat.

April 8 2015, Wednesday 6 pm: Paver Paths & Patios 

 Far West owner Dennis Fix will share his tips and techniques for properly installing paver paths and patios. RSVP to 853-4000 to save your seat.

April 11 2015, Saturday 10am: Blueberries 

Yes blueberries can be grown in the Boise area. FarWest owner Dennis Fix will share his tips and techniques for growing delicious blueberries in your own backyard. RSVP to 853-4000 to save your seat.

April 15 2015, Wednesday 6 pm: Fairy Gardens 

Create your own magical fairy garden with some tips and inspiration from Farwest’s Marianne. Plants, soils, jar and natural embellishments included for the $25 fee. Fairies and extras available for purchase. RSVP to 853-4000 to save your seat.

April 18 2015, Saturday 10am: Rose Care 

Grow your own beautiful, healthy and disease free roses. Come learn the proper planting pruning, watering and fertilizing techniques to ensure your success. RSVP to 853-4000 to save your seat.

April 22 2015, Wednesday 5:30pm: Japanese Maples 

FarWest’s tree buyer Rick will take you on a walking tour of our Japanese Maple collection and show you the unique characteristics of the different cultivars. RSVP to 853-4000 to save your spot on the tour.

April 25 2015, Saturday 10am: Funky Junk 

FarWest’s Rhonda will show you how to repurpose all sorts of fun and unique objects into planters of succulents, herbs, flowers or veggies. You are welcome to bring your own unique container to plant up while you are here. RSVP to 853-4000 to save your seat.

April 29 2015, Wednesday 6 pm: Landscape Design 

Our FarWest Landscape Designers, Gus & David will walk you through the basic principles of landscape designing. Then they will take your questions and work through some specific scenarios. Bring photos, measurements of your project areas and your landscape challenges and receive some expert advice. RSVP to 853-4000 to save your seat.