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Classes in our cozy warm greenhouse, Saturday 10am-11am or Wednesday evenings

Pruning Class: Feb. 25th 10am   Free

Ever had a bad haircut? If so, then you know the result of a bad pruning job. Learn the proper way to prune for healthy & beautiful plants. Bring your tools or drop off and Andy will sharpen them and we will call you the week of March 3rd when your tools are sharpened. $5/$10 cash only please. RSVP 853-4000 to save your seat, limited space

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) March 1 Wed. 5:30 p.m.  Free

Does your beech tree get aphids every spring? Does your ninebark get consumed with powdery mildew? Many common pests can take over your plants. Learn how to prevent or reduce the occurrence of these common garden pests (which may include insects, diseases, or weeds) with IPM best practices. Robert with Gardnwise will answer your questions and give you preventative guidelines for healthy plants. RSVP 853-4000 to save your seat


Succulent Container     March 4  Sat. 10 am            $30

Learn how to care for your succulents and make a planted succulent container with knowledgeable Rhonda. Container, plants & soil are included in this hands on class. RSVP 853-4000 to save your seat, limited class size


Low Water Landscape Design   March 8 Wed. 5:30 pm   Free

Lindsay, FarWest Landscape designer, favors native plants and low water landscapes. Her designs blend in with the natural beauty of the Treasure Valley. She will show you how to use plants that can be visually pleasing and require less water once established. RSVP 853-4000 to save your seat


Fruit Tree Basics   March 11 Sat. 10 am           Free

There are many varieties of small and semi-dwarf fruit trees perfect for your home garden. Peaches, cherries, apples, pears and plums grow well in the Treasure Valley. Espaliered (trained) varieties can be grown in very narrow spaces, as living fences, and as foundation plants. Learn the best varieties for our area as well as proper planting and pruning methods with Katherine. RSVP 853-4000 to save your seat


Terrariums/Fairy Gardens   March 15 Wed. 6 pm     $30

Learn the secrets of making your very own mini garden. Marianne, our custom potting expert, will teach this fun class. Container, soil, plants & natural embellishments included. RSVP 853-4000 to save your seat, limited class size


Eat Your Leafy Greens Containers   March 18 Sat. 10 am   $25

Make and Take — Growing your own fresh food is here to stay! Greens are easy to sow. Doreen, our head grower, will show you how to plant up a leafy greens salad bowl in this edible growing class. All materials included. RSVP 853-4000 to save your seat


Bountiful Berries    March 25 Sat. 10 am     Free

Growing your own berries is easy in Idaho. Tom Elias, founding member of the Snake River Table Grape Growers Association, will introduce you to some of the best berry varieties for our area. He’ll cover delicious raspberries, blackberries, marionberries, currants, and strawberries. See how easy and economical it is to grow them in a small space garden. Learn which varieties produce until late fall, how to plant, prune, and harvest your fruits. RSVP 853-4000 to save your seat