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IMPORTANT: Before digging call DIG LINE (1-800-342-1585) to identify the location of any underground utilities.

What you need to plant:

How to Plant:

  1. Dig a hole at least 2 times as wide & only slightly shallower than the root ball.If a plant is large, its weight might cause it to settle too deep.
  1. Place plant in hole. Move the plant by the root ball, not the stem or trunk, to avoid damaging plant. IT’S BEST TO PLANT HIGH rather than too low. The flare of a plant is where the stem and root system meet. Make sure the flare is above the surrounding soil level.
  1. For Ball & Burlap Plants: Cut the twine, string, and/or wire from around the stem and remove. Remove the burlap to expose the top of the root ball You can leave the burlap on the rest of root ball. You can score the burlap on the bottom of the root ball.
  1. For Potted Plants: Remove plant from pot. If plant does not remove easily, press on the sides of the pot until removal is easier. To avoid damage, DO NOT pull on the stem. Loosen the roots with your hands or score them if necessary.
  1. Rub MYKE transplant mix directly on the root ball. Do not mix MYKE in with the soil. You want MYKE to directly contact the roots. Whatever doesn’t stick to the root ball, put in the hole as close to the root ball as possible. Follow recommendations on the package.
  1. Mix equal parts soil amendment with equal parts soil from the hole you dug. Backfill the hole with this mixture. Gently compact the soil to prevent air pockets around roots. Some plants require special soil mixes. For example, Rhododendrons require acidic soil, and we recommend using our Acid Planting Mix. Yuccas and other xeric plants require very good drainage. For these, we recommend using less compost & mixing in Sand, Gravel, or Lava Fines with your soil.
  1. Water the soil with Fertilome Root Stimulator. Mix 3.5 Tbsp of Root Stimulator per gallon of water. See Root Stimulator label for recommendations. Repeat Root Stimulator application two weeks after planting.
  1. Build a tree well around base of plant. Add mulch 2” deep to help retain soil moisture. Keep mulch 6” away from trunk to reduce disease.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      WARRANTY: Trees & shrubs planted by FarWest have a 1 yr warranty from date of purchase. Trees & shrubs planted by the customer have a 90 day warranty from date of purchase. Trees & shrubs purchased with appropriate amount of MYKES & on the same receipt have a 5 yr warranty. Must have receipt for all warranties. One-time replacement at price paid for item. NEGLECT OR CONDITIONS BEYOND OUR CONTROL (e.g., weather, failed irrigation, etc.) VOIDS ALL WARRANTIES. CONTRACTOR, CLEARANCE, and SALE ITEMS HAVE NO WARRANTY .