Yew Voucher Program

FarWest Landscape & Garden Center Policy on Yew Plants


FarWest is deeply concerned about the recent deaths of elk and other wildlife due to of Yew toxicity. FarWest has always been aware of the possible toxicity of Yews towards people and pets. This year’s severe weather has brought wildlife into close proximity of homes and the landscapes that have Yew plants.  FarWest would like to offer solutions to homeowners that have Yew plants within their landscape.


FarWest Landscape & Garden Center is offering anyone who has a Yew plant and does not want it, a $30 voucher toward ONE Replacement shrub.  We require each homeowner to bring in each Yew plant, cut off at the ground  with most of the trunk attached. Please snap a photo before you cut off your plant and come see us to be sure it is a YEW, before you dig it up & bring it to FarWest. (Multiple vouchers can’t be applied to a replacement shrub, one $30 yew voucher per 2 gallon replacement shrub.)


We will properly and safely dispose of the Yew plant and give the homeowner a $30 voucher for each Yew plant they return (up to 10 plants). FarWest will issue one voucher per yew plant, even if the Yews were purchased elsewhere. Each voucher can only be used for one 2 gallon replacement shrub per $30 voucher, we limit yew vouchers to 10 per homeowner. Valid only if you bring entire yew plant to FarWest, including part of the trunk of the yew.  We are not able to accept photos of your dead yews or yews that you removed, you must bring the plants to us to receive your voucher! FarWest yew vouchers can’t be applied to additional plants and there is no warranty on the plants that have a yew voucher applied.


FarWest feels each homeowner can make a decision if they want to keep their Yew plant or not. If a homeowner makes the decision to keep their Yew plant, we can show them how to wrap your Yews with frost cloth in the winter. This will prevent wildlife or pets from eating the plant.


In addition, FarWest will continue to educate our customers who do want to purchase a Yew plant, about its toxicity and offer alternative plant options.  We plan to add more signage and employee education on this topic. We will do more screening to prevent sale of Yews to big game zones within our city. This is valid only for Treasure Valley homeowners, until August 31, 2017.


Thank you,


Dennis Fix, President

FarWest Landscape & Garden Center


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