Unique home items &
Gardening supplies

Come see our garden shop for new and unique items for your home. Garden stakes, wind chimes + kinetic spinners, bird baths, gazing balls, small birds, gnomes, fountains, greeting cards, and more.

We have everything you need for gardening: pruners, trowels, kneelers, gloves, snips, hats, organic fertilizer, insect + weed control, seeds, bagged soils, seed trays, pottery, and garden tools.

gardening supplies

indoor pots at a garden center

Houseplants &
Planting Pottery

Our huge selection of houseplants for your home: trailing plants: pothos, spider, philodendron, tall plants: dracaena, fiddle leaf fig, Ficus aralia, Rhaphis palm, medium & large plants: dracaena, sansevieria, ferns, aglaonema, orchids, and many others. Small: African violet, calathea, spider, succulents, and MANY more.

Indoor Pottery: ceramic, orchid, self-watering, small to large pottery with wooden or metal plant stands. We do have potting soil, moisture meters, natural insect control, and houseplant fertilizers for your indoor foliage.

Large outdoor pottery, including self-watering pots for the porch & patio, is located outside our shop, just past the blueberry plants.